eLearning trends 2017

Just read an interesting post on the trends in eLearning expected in 2017:

In short:

  1. Contextualized Learning
  2. Two-Way Conversations In eLearning
  3. Better Use Of Data
  4. Video, Video, Video
  5. Microlearning
  6. Social eLearning
  7. Content Curation
  8. Mobile Learning
  9. Performance Support Vs. Learning Experiences
  10. Go Beyond “eLearning”

My take on this – I’m very happy to read this – coming from an education background, I can see that corporate elearning is catching up with concepts that have been around in educational psychology for a long time – specifically moving away from the behaviourist ‘read and click’ (and forget) to a social model of learning that has been popular in schools and universities for a long time – as well as in educational elearning. Maybe the divide between corporate and education elearning is getting closer – after all the brain learns in the same way whether in education or the workplace.

Take a look at the article – interesting reading: https://elearningindustry.com/top-10-elearning-trends-to-watch-in-2017

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